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Understanding Post-Conviction Writs

Post-conviction writs are of the lesser-known filings in criminal law, but they can be an incredibly useful legal tool if you have already received a conviction. Below, we have provided answers to some of the questions we hear most frequently about post-conviction writs.

How can a post-conviction writ help me if I’ve been convicted of a crime?

A post-conviction writ is the decision a higher court makes after an appellate case has been upheld by a higher court. The post-conviction writ of habeas corpus can be filed if someone has been detained unfairly or their constitutional rights have been withheld.

What is a writ?

A “writ” is a written order from a court that requests that a government entity take action on a case. There are many different types of writs, but a post-conviction writ is a writ from a criminal case that has been appealed to a higher court. If the higher court upholds the decision of the lower court, the defendant may file a writ to challenge the decision of the court on the basis that their fundamental rights have been violated. For example, a writ of habeas corpus challenges how a person has been detained – it can be filed if a person has been detained unfairly.

What’s the difference between a writ and an appeal?

A writ is generally used only when a criminal defendant has no other options. For example, if a court decides to try a case outside of its jurisdiction, an attorney may file a writ to get that court to transfer the case to a different jurisdiction.

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